10 Things Strong Women Don’t Give A Damn About


Women have made an amazing progress in the past century. However, women are still discriminated in many aspects of life and they are often a victim of sexual harassment at their workplace. Having to endure such unjust treatments makes women stronger.


We have prepared a list of 10 things that strong women don’t care about. Even though the title might seem provocative, the truth is that women should be able to fend for themselves in a society that can give them many challenges.

1. Fashion

There are always exceptions to this rule, such as women who love fashion because they consider it a form of art. However, strong women would never obsess over the latest trends because they are aware it will be over in just a month or two.

2. Bad “ex”

Strong women have learnt how to deal with abusers who are more often men. Even though you he may have the best intentions, the person who used to go out with and abused you should never be your preoccupation.

3. “Staying in your place”

Women should never have to take care of the household, remain quiet or do any other thing they “are obliged to”. Instead of staying in just one place, a strong woman will be free to seek new challenges and adventures.

4. Toxic relationships

This is similar to number 2 of this list, however it also refers to other people not just ex partners. Even though women are generally empathetic and loyal, they should never keep a toxic person around. You should always be aware that there will be people in your life who affect you negatively without you even realizing it.

5. Mistakes

Women usually get too carried away by their past and they overanalyze the mistakes they have made. A strong woman knows that she should let the past go and look forward without obsessing over things she can’t change.

6. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat

We are not saying there is something wrong with using social media. However, they tend to have negative effect for women, particularly in their teens. We worry too much about how much attention we get from other people, but if you are strong you will never even think about how many likes or comments you got on your picture.

7. The perfect body

There is no such thing as a perfect body. As the saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Society has imposed the image of the perfect body by heavy propaganda. One of the reasons for this could be profit which comes from fashion as well as publishing. A strong woman will never compare her body to the girl on the cover of a magazine.

8. Status

Nowadays, status is seen through money only which often makes women to create unrealistic goals. You should have your own definition of success, and you should never allow your status to define who you are and your true character.

9. Conformity

You have every right to say what is on your mind. Strong women will never bow and keep quiet when they believe their thoughts should be expressed.

10. Other people’s opinions

People often create an opinion about someone without the necessary information. So, if a person talks bad about you and makes assumptions based on the things they have A strong woman will never care about other people’s opinions if they are based on assumptions without hearing the truth.