12 Cancer-Causing Things You Need to Remove from Your Bedroom Right Now


People are becoming more and more aware of the importance of eating healthy, exercising and detoxifying the body regularly. However, not everyone knows that there are hidden dangers all around us even in our homes. Those dangers can range from cleaning agents to the sheets you sleep in. You spend more than one third of your life sleeping which is why it is extremely important to make your bedroom a safe environment.

How to Make Your Bedroom Carcinogen-Free?

It’s very challenging to have a clean bedroom. One of the best solutions is to make some changes that everyone will be able to notice. Every change will be a great benefit for our health.

You have to think about your health, but you must also know how much money you can spend. There are people who change sheets, while others change their mattresses and air purifiers.

Here, we’re presenting you the 12 things you need to do if you want to have a non-toxic bedroom:

Replace Your Pillow Cases and Your Pillows with Organic Materials

We all probably believe that cotton is the safest material. But, we aren’t aware that almost 25% of the insecticides in this world are used on cotton precisely and also 14% of the pesticides. Try to use organic materials, hemp, linen, wool, cotton etc.

Replace All Artificial Materials from Your Bedroom, Closet as well as Bedding
Thermoplastic is the main ingredient of all synthetic materials including nylon, acrylic and polyester. It means that when you heat them, they release plastic molecules.
Formaldehyde and plastic are some of the ingredients we mostly breathe in. We usually absorb them through our skin directly.

Replace the Artificial Clothes in Your Closet

The base for most of the synthetic products in the world is a liquid made from coal, oil, or natural gas. A spinneret is actually a nozzle that has fine holes through which the liquid passes. When the liquid comes out of those holes, it cools down, so it becomes solid and forms very small threads. They are woven altogether and create fabric.
Some of the ingredients that are often added into the fabric to create stain resistant as well as wrinkle qualities are perfluorochemicals (PFCs) (along with Teflon).
Try to buy clothes made of organic materials.

Remove Faux/Fabric Furniture

Any furniture made of artificial ingredients should be removed from your house! Synthetic leather is created by polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is extremely dangerous. When you use phthalates which are very harmful, you can disrupt the endocrine system.
Make sure you also remove seating cushions or pillows that are told to be water resistant since they are abundant in toxic matters. For example, if you have polyester/cotton blend, you must know that it was treated using ammonia and formaldehyde.

Remove Particle Board and MDF

We should all stop using furniture made of melamine, MDF or particle board. MDF is actually made of shredded wood that has been first softened and then powdered. This powder is combined with resins as well as other agents for bonding and is compacted into solid boards.
Formaldehyde is the worst chemical. It irritates the mucous membranes, aggravates asthma, and causes contact dermatitis.
Particle board is also abundant in high levels of formaldehyde. This ingredient was previously tied to nasopharyngeal carcinoma (throat cancer) in people, but it’s also known to cause allergies, nausea and headaches.
There are also some researches that discovered that particle board can decrease its toxicity by 25% within two months. When one year ends, particle board will be only half as powerful as it was when it was new. It needs up to 10 years to stop being so powerful.
Make sure you try to find solid wood furniture at flea markets, yard sales and furniture stores. The best option is to use metal as well as glass end tables and desks. They can be wiped down easily.

Remove Accent/Throw Rugs

The easiest materials for cleaning are tile floors, but also wood floors. They’re excellent for people with allergies or asthma.
Only a small rug will brighten up your room, but they’re dangerous in other ways as they collect all mites, dirt, dust, as well as other allergens. Try not to use them.

Use No-VOC Paint

No-VOC shortened for non-volatile organic compounds are the best to use for room painting. VOCs are very unstable. They are actually carbon-containing compounds and vaporize into air easily.
When they come into contact with air, they come in reaction with many elements and produce ozone. This mainly creates pollution as well as numerous health problems, like: watery eyes, nausea, breathing problems and headache.

Shoe Free Zone

Make sure you don’t use the same shoes in and out of your home. If you go out and enter your home with the shoes you wore previously, you also enter dirt, chemicals and pollen inside.
Buy a boot or shoe tray. Keep it by the door. When you come from outside, put the shoes you wore in that tray. You’ll stop all of the harmful matters from entering your home.

Minimize the Electrical Devices

Computers or TVs shouldn’t be in your bedroom. All electronic devices have the ability to disturb your quality sleep. Another good thing would be to replace the digital alarm clock you’re using with an alarm clock on batteries.

Cover or Replace Your Mattress

Mattresses can be very expensive so that’s why many people don’t change them. But, you should know that conventional mattresses contain stain resistant as well as flame retardant chemicals. Most of the mattresses we buy are actually made of foam. It can outgas for numerous years. Try finding organic mattresses.
At least consider wrapping your mattress into a foil barrier cloth.

Buy an Air Cleaner

Make sure you have an air cleaner at home, but try to find a good one. Research! You can use it in any room you like.
The ones with HEPA filtrations are the best. It shouldn’t produce ozone, though. There are companies that will make custom blend filters and make them especially for people with allergies, against smoke, asthma and MCS.

Remove Chemically Treated Drapes or Shades

Drapes and shades are the worst! They are full of pollen, dust, and numerous other allergens. Try to find shades and drapes made of organic fabric. If they’re too expensive for you, buy your own material and leave them to someone who can sew them for you.
One of the best options is to buy wood blinds. You should also think about blinds in between the glass, because they don’t outgas and you don’t need to clean them every week!