12 Manners Every Decent Person Should Know


Good manners include proper vocabulary, courtesy, neat and clean appearance as well as restrained emotions. They never go out of style so it is always good to know common manners such as the following.

  • Don’t stare at people and don’t talk or laugh too loud
  • You should greet everyone in the room when you enter regardless of your age, status or profession
  • Never invite someone out if you are going to spend the night taking photos or texting.
  • If the person with you greets people you meet, you should also greet them even if you don’t know them
  • You should always respect all women equally
  • If you are the only person who follows a trend, it will look ridiculous to others even if it looks good
  • Be careful of pedestrians while you are driving
  • When you are with friends never make empty conversations over the phone. Only answer if it is important
  • Checking your phone when with friends will seem like you are uninterested or bored.
  • Ladies, never make a man carry your bag, however men should always take the woman’s coat
  • Always thank people when they help you
  • 9 things you should keep to yourself: age, religion, honor, affairs, wealth, disgrace, gifts, medical problems and family problems

Following these simple and easy rules can greatly improve your social life and communication. If more people know about them and follow them the world will become a much nicer place to live in.