14 Signs He’s Using You And You Don’t Even Know It


Everyone wants to find the right partner for them, someone who will be there for you not just because they need something from you. A good partner is someone who is sensitive, generous, mindful and someone who will make sure you are happy always.

However, many people are not that lucky to find someone like this. Love can sometimes make us blind and we often overlook things at the beginning of a relationship. Some of the things your partner does at the beginning of the relationship might be major red flags for you. Here are some of the things you need to pay attention to.

1. He never discusses the future with you

If he avoids talking about your future together, he might not be that committed to your relationship. He could be with you only because he wants something from you not because he cares or loves you.

2. People close to you warn you that he is insincere

You might be blinded by love, but the people in your life are not. They can figure out that something is wrong long before you do and if they warn you about something, they are probably right.

3. He is not generous in bed

Sexual intimacy is a very important part of healthy relationship, however if your partner does not care about your satisfaction he does not even care about anything related to you.

4. You have never met the people he is close to

If he does not introduce you to his family and friends, he does not value your presence in his life.

5. He is dependent on you for financial stability

If you are the one who is taking care of anything related to finance, stop and think about your relationship. If he is here just for the money, once you run short on cash he will run away as fast as he can.

6. You are constantly helping him

If he is always asking you to do something for him and he treats you like his mother, he does not care about your happiness, he only want to have a good time.

7. Your feelings aren’t important to him

He never thinks about you before doing something and he only cares about his own pleasure.

8. He is not affectionate

If he is not in love you can’t expect the touches and caresses that are a part of every normal relationship. He will not even be thankful for anything you do for him.

9. He is not consistent

He is playing hot and cold with you and his mood change according to his desires whether you like it or not.

10. You are not his confidante

You share lots of things with him, but he is secretive because he wants to be able to manipulate you, and if you knew what he thinks you will leave him immediately.

11. He talks to you when he wants a favor

He will only communicate with you if he needs something. Don’t expect a call from him asking you how you are because he will never do that without asking for something later.

12. He doesn’t take you out

This can mean he is either ashamed to be with you in public or he does not appreciate you enough to take you out. Both ways mean you need to get out of that relationship because you deserve more.

13. He is known for not treating his partners well

If you have already heard that he abused his former girlfriends, don’t expect him to be anything different with you. Avoid becoming one of his victims.

14. He is not faithful

This is a clear sign that he does not appreciate, love or care about you at all. Instead of forgiving him constantly, end the relationship immediately to spare yourself from future heartbreaks.