40 Ways To Burn Belly Fat Without Leaving Your House


Many people want to lose weight and eat healthier but sometimes they are too preoccupied with work that they don’t have enough time for themselves. This is why we have prepared a list of 40 ways you can lose weight and become healthier even if you have the busiest schedule.

1. Eat slowly

Overeating can contribute to weight gain on the long run, so try to eat slowly and spend at least 15-25 minutes on your meals. This way you will stimulate the hormonal response thus improve digestion.

2. Start climbing

Stair climbing is one of the simplest ways to burn calories. Try to spend a few minutes every day climbing the stairs and gradually increase the length of the exercise. You can also use the stairs to stretch.

3. A good-night’s sleep

Proper sleep is an important part of the weight loss process. According to experts, you can lose extra 13 pounds if you sleep one hour longer every night. However, this applies to people who are on 2,500 calorie diet or less.

4. Focus on vegetables

Vegetables can speed up the weight loss because they promote and speed up the digestion. Avoid adding dressings that are loaded with fats, and choose vegetables that contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water.

5. Soup

Soups are excellent meals that provide satiety without the fats. Prepare a bone soup with healthy vegetables or you can also make wonton, minestrone or tortilla soup.

6. Consume protein-rich foods

Proteins are very important for everyone, especially for people who want to lose weight because it suppresses the hunger and reduces cravings.
Foods that are rich in almond include chicken breasts, fish, Greek yogurt, quinoa, lentils and almonds.

7. Consume fiber-rich foods

Consuming foods that are rich in fiber also promotes longer satiety and it reduces the cravings. Viscous fiber is particularly beneficial for losing weight.
Eat more asparagus, oranges, oat cereals, flax seeds, Brussels sprouts and beans.

8. Consume while grains

Whole grains are also very beneficial for the weight loss process such as: barley, oats, buckwheat, brown rice.

9. Reduce sugary drinks

Instead of drinking soda which is loaded with sugar, consume more water or tea, or if you don’t like drinking plain water add some lemons and mint to improve the flavor.

10. Liquid intake

In order to limit your liquid intake by 25%, use a thin and tall glass instead of a wide and short one.

11. Italian way of eating

Majority of Italians have amazing bodies because of their cuisine which includes lots of nutritious foods. Try to search on the internet how Italians eat pizza and pasta without gaining weight.

12. “Skinny” outfit awareness

Take one piece of clothing that does not fit anymore and keep it somewhere you can see it to remind you of your goal. However, be realistic and don’t choose something that is already too tight.

13. Less alcohol

Alcohol contains lots of calories and it also increases hunger and cravings so it is important to avoid it when you are trying to lose weight.

14. 10 – Minute Pilates at home

Pilates is excellent for strengthening your core and building muscle mass and you can always do it at home whenever you have time.

15. Drink green tea

Green tea boosts the metabolism thus leads to weight loss. Try to drink at least one cup of green tea every day.

16. Yoga

Yoga promotes weight loss and is also very beneficial for your mind, so you should include it in your everyday routine whenever you can.

17. Homemade meals

Try to cook at least four times a day using healthy ingredients in order to have an insight of what you are putting in your body.

18. Chew mint-flavored gum

You can prevent food cravings and also stay full longer if you chew sugarless, mint-flavored gums.

19. Skip the meat

If you want to lose weight you should avoid pork, bacon and beef and eat more turkey and fish instead.

20. Go for smaller dishes

You can speed up the weight loss process if you eat from smaller plates.

21. Food portion awareness

The amount of food you eat as well as the balance between the ingredients is also very important so always be aware of how much you eat of every food.

22. Eating pause

Once you have had enough of food your brain will signal your stomach that you are full. Once you feel you are full, stop eating to avoid overeating.

23. Eat an all-healthy pizza

Pizza is not always the enemy if you want to lose weight. If you use the right ingredients and include more vegetables, you can prepare pizza with 104 calories or less.

24. Tomato-based sauce

Instead of Alfredo sauce, choose marinara which is a lot healthier choice with fewer calories and more nutrients.

25. 80-20 rule

According to this rule, you should eat until you are 80% full. If you follow this rule you can lose weight faster.

26. Vegetarian meals

Losing weight can be done a lot faster and more efficient if you switch to a vegetarian diet based only on organic products.

27. Tips for eating out

– Instead of a regular meal order an appetizer or a smaller portion
– Share a plate with someone and make up for the rest of the meal with a salad
– Before you start eating ask for ½ of your meal to be packed in a take-home bag

28. Pay attention to labels

As we previously mentioned, if you want to lose weight you must always be aware of the amount of food and the nutrients you get. You need to pay extra attention to the sugar, fat and salt content of the food and try to eat organic food as often as you can.

29. Avoid unhealthy products

Remove everything from your home that could compromise your diet such as unhealthy snacks or sweets.

30. No electronic devices while eating

If you watch TV or play a game while you are eating, you might eat a lot more than you should which can lead to weight gain. Try to avoid any distractions while you are eating.

31. Use red serving plates for unhealthy products

Red color is associated with warnings and stop signs, so if you use red plates when eating unhealthy foods, it could work as a sign that you should eat less.

32. Water

Staying properly hydrated all the time is essential for faster weight loss. Also, if you drink water before your meals you will eat less because water provides a feeling of fullness.

33. Group activity

Spend more time with your friends and family doing fun activities. This can speed up the weight loss process and you will also get to spend more time with your loved ones.

34. Eat and move

The combination of a healthy diet and the right exercise plan will help you achieve your weight loss goal even faster. Simple activities such as walking or mild jogging can do the trick if you don’t have time to go to the gym.

35. Feel full with Feta cheese

Feta cheese is very healthy and it has a low calorie content. It can be combined with almost any food and you can eat it without being worried that it can compromise your diet. However, moderation is the key with everything and this also applies to Feta cheese.

36. Drink freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice

Grapefruit provides various health benefits which promote the weight loss process. This fruit is excellent for boosting the metabolism, it hydrates your body and protects the health of the heart and brain.

37. Epsom salt baths

Epsom salt baths can help you get rid of the accumulated toxins thus lose weight faster.

38. Essential oils

Essential oils have a wide range of health benefits and they are particularly beneficial for treatment of burns, skin irritation, infections, breathing issues, nausea, anxiety as well as promoting weight loss.

39. Have a special day

Set one day of the week when you can have a piece of cake or an ice-cream, just make sure you don’t eat too much.

40. Burn calories

If you try to burn extra 100 calories every day, you can lose up to 12 pounds a year. You can do some of the following activities:

– walking (15-20 minutes)
– housecleaning (30 minutes)
– light jogging (about 10 minutes)