These Are The 5 Signs Of Stroke One Should Know Before It’s Too Late!


Many people believe that strokes occur unexpectedly and they can’t do anything to prevent them. However, there are many warning signs that indicate you could get a stroke in the near future. This health condition happens when the blood supply to the brain stops causing the brain cells to die.


Strokes don’t only affect the elderly, because according to Medicine.Net about 30% of patients hospitalized due to stroke were younger than 65 years. The risk of stroke increases by having high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as smoking.

Here are the 5 warning signs of stroke before it actually happens, whether you believe it or not:

Arm Weakness

People who are suffering from stroke can usually have unexpected weakness or numbness in their body, and it is commonly concentrated on just one side. WebMD have recommended asking the affected person to raise their arms above their head, can they do it? Is one arm significantly lower than the other?

Severe Headache

Severe headaches, especially when combined with the other symptoms can be a warning sign of stroke. If you notice your migraine is followed by some of these symptoms seek medical attention to find out whether you need to be worried.


The Stroke Association has listed unexpected confusion as one of the symptoms. This can actually mean that an uncharacteristic inability to understand other people or even to articulate thoughts.

Speech Difficulty

A person who is having a stroke will have trouble speaking clearly, so if you notice someone is slurring ask them to repeat what they are saying to make sure.

Balance Issues

According to Medicine.Net, someone who is suffering from stroke may experience unexpected problems with balance, as well as coordination. If you are not sure, you could ask them to touch their finger to their nose, or even walk in a straight line.