5 Ways To Tell If You’ve Met Your Soulmate


Nowadays, finding true love has become so difficult that some people think it is impossible. But you meet the right person only once and even though we imagine it will be very special when we find them, you might not even know it that you have already met your soulmate. It is important to recognize the right one for you because we spend our lives searching for them and we are left heartbroken each time we fail.

Even though the dubiousness of the entire term ‘soul mate’ is widespread, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if someone thinks that they have met someone who is a partner of their soul, well, good for them! But, not everyone realizes the value of them until time has passed them. So, without time passing beneath our sails, here are some universal features that would help someone realize who their soul mate is, keeping in mind that it is the individual who has to ultimately decide in the end, and these are mere guidelines.

1.Spiritual Bond

Your ‘soul mate’ shares a special bond with your emotions, feelings and sentiments. In a room full of people, you would instantly be able to discern them, since you know, and love their vibe. Their absence annoys you, saddens you and you portray the world in a black/white screen, for life seems to lose all its color. You know them better than they know themselves, and this feeling strengthens your resolve to be with them, all the time.

2.Your ‘chi’ connects to theirs

‘Chi’ is a very important part of African, and aborigine rituals, where a person’s energy is catalogued by several procedures, depending upon their strength, passion and intensity. This is also intrinsic to realizing your soul mate is close, for your ‘chi’ or energy would connect to each other, leading to encounters after encounters, all driven by your spirit. This actually gives credence to the line- “Are you a magnet?”

3.Destiny, Fate, Predestination

The Greeks believed that a person’s life is already prewritten, and their decision, while may seem a choice, has already been enforced upon by destiny. Similarly, finding a soul mate might seem like a job one needs to choose carefully, but destiny already has several plans led out before you, all leading up to your soul mate. For all obstacles may come your way, the lines on your forehead clears all for your soul mate to come in your life, for they are destined to be there.

4.The World in its Entirety

Being with your soul mate completes your world. It completes your being, for you are their world, and vice versa. Your solitude gets company, and the darkness in your life is lifted by this presence of light. The journey doesn’t seem troubling anymore, in fact, you look forward to it, because you seem invincible. Suddenly, your existence gets closer to finding its meaning.


Your soul mate would make you want to evolve as a human being. Kind, compassionate, thoughtful, sensitive, they would make you the best versions of themselves, for you would always want to be their top priority, and be someone they can be proud of. Someone, you yourself can be proud of.

In the end, all comes down to this- love. When you are taking your final breathes, and visions of your life flash before your eyes, moments with your soul mate stick around the most. On a chilly night, snuggling your pillow, they come to your mind, and you sleep, a smile on your face.