6 Female Behaviors Men Can’t Resist


A gentle and loving woman is the best gift for every man. Having a woman in your life who loves you and cares for you is something every man wants, however women also have habits that can be rather annoying.

The usual things that most men can’t stand about women is acting like a child, taking too many selfies, spending a lot of time shopping etc. Nevertheless, there are other habits that men are crazy about. We have prepared a list of 6 things that many men find adorable.

1. Burying your head in his chest

Men love it when a woman puts her head on their chest. It makes them feel like real men that provide a sense of security for their loved one.

2. Playing with his hair

Stroking his head does not only provide physical pleasure. It is also an expression of affection and love as well as need for contact from your partner.

3. Praising him on social media

Men love it when a woman is not afraid to show her feelings. However, only if it is in moderation.

4. Listening closely

This makes him feel like you truly care about what he has to say and that you love him.

5. Texting/calling him when you are out with friends

Letting him know that you are thinking about him even when you are busy doing something else will make him feel very happy.

6. Showing public affection

Gestures such as holding his hand or fixing his hair when you are outside will make his heart melt.