6 Main Types Of Obesity Revealed In Study, And This Is How You Fight Them


Losing excess body weight very difficult and can often seem impossible. Gaining weight does not happen overnight, so you can’t expect for instant results when trying to get rid of it. Most people who want to lose weight try methods such as counting calories, following strict diet plans and exercising which can be exhausting. And when they don’t see fast results they become disappointed.

A recent Yorkshire study has shown that there are actually six different types of obesity which require different approaches. Keep reading to learn how to manage each of them.

Upper body obesity (Android)

Main causes for this type of fat are eating a lot and not exercising enough. However, since exercise itself requires lots of energy which you get from the food, it is best to reduce your sugar intake and try to exercise at least half an hour a day.

Excess stomach fat (Android)

Excess stomach fat is equally frustrating for both men and women. The main causes are anxiety, stress and depression. To get rid of it you need to exercise every day but also practice relaxation techniques such as meditation and you will quickly lose your belly fat.

Lower body fat (Cynoid)

This type of fat accumulation is more common among women and it is very difficult to remove. However, with the right workout routine you will easily achieve the results you want. The best exercises for this type of fat are leg workouts such as squats and lunges as well as aerobic exercises such as jogging. The combination of these exercises will make your lower body slim and toned.

Swollen stomach (Android)

The cause of this type of fat are lack of exercise and alcohol consumption. There is nothing wrong with drinking a beer or two occasionally, but if you combine this habit with zero activity you will get the unwanted beer belly. If you already have it, reduce your alcohol consumption to a minimum and exercise more.

Lower leg obesity (Gynoid)

This type is common in pregnant women and you can remove it easily by practicing water aerobics.

Upper back fat (Android)

This type of fat accumulates when you consume more calories than you burn. The solution is very simple – remove the sugars and fats from your diet and hit the gym. This type of fat is not just aesthetic issue but it can also make your back muscles weaker which can be a serious problem when you get older.