7 Proven Ancient Methods To Remove ALL Negative Energy From Your Home


In case you feel tired all the time and if you are always in a bad mood without any particular reason, the problem could be something you would have never thought of. Negative energy has long been considered a science fiction, however people have been aware of its power for millennia.

Negative energy can have a mild to huge impact, and it can cause problems that can sometimes even ruin your entire life. It can prevent you from being happy but it can also cause you to become sick. In order to prevent the influence of negative energy, you should eliminate it from your home and workplace by following these 7 tips:

Essential Oils

Use essential oils, like lavender, frankincense, and patchouli, to cleanse the home of negative energies.


Plants are amazing air purifiers, which boost positivism and mood.


Meditation attracts massive amounts of positive energy, and thus eliminates the negative vibes.

Smudging Ceremonies

Smudging has been practiced for millennia by burning sage to clear out the ‘bad ju-ju’. You should burn the white sage and rotate it in a counterclockwise motion.

Rearrange the Furniture

You can improve the energy in the room by rearranging the furniture, as you will help the energy flow and you will open a route for the negative one to go out.


Salt effectively neutralizes negative energies, so you should sprinkle a bit around the carpet. This will cleanse it and improve the energy in the home at the same time.

Remove Clutter

Negative energy occupies the space just like the clutter in the home. Clutter makes it hard for the negative vibrations to travel and leave the room, so you should remove it in order to eliminate the bad vibes as well.