7 Signs He Is In Love With You, Even if He Doesn’t Say it


Every person shows their affection to someone in a different way, and women usually say what they always want to hear from their partner. However, men have a way of showing their partner that they love her without saying a single word.

We can often confuse one another at times because of our ways of natural expression but indeed there’s no need to panic or instantly question his feelings when it’s not needed. Women and men are different, we think different, we act different, we show our emotions differently, and we should learn things from one another, as easy as we learn to fall in love.

These are the 7 most common signs that are visible in our guys, that they are in love with us, but don’t say it:

1. He Isn’t Afraid To Make Sacrifices For You

Making sacrifices for other people doesn’t seem (and it’s not) that easy and not every person has the strength and character to sacrifice something for someone they feel very important in their live. Your man sacrifices things to make you happy, to help you out, to show you how much he loves you and wants you to stay in his life. He sacrifices his time, maybe he can sacrifice his relationship with another person if he feels that he’s no good for both of you, his daily routine etc. He wants you to remember these things when you ask him “Do you still love me?” Yes. Yes he does.

2. He Listens To You

Listening someone in a conversation is a great virtue and shows that the person is well behaved and polite. He likes to listen to you and what you say because you are his number 1 interest in his life. He shows care about you, and he manifests care. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about that weird new colleague or manicure in the new spa center, he is present and he pays attention.

3. He Shows His Vulnerability

Men are generally cautious when it comes to showing a certain behavior which others find it as weakness. But when he’s around you, he slowly shows his soft side more, his feelings, shares to you the struggles he’s going through, and he trusts you. He lets down his guard when he’s around you and that’s when you know that you’re on the right path to building a steady relationship.

4. He Loves How You Look On Your Worst Days

When you don’t feel like you’re snatched to the Gods, the makeup doesn’t help, your hair is a mess and above that all your favorite clothes are in the laundry basket, your man still finds you sexy and attractive. Imagine getting out of bed, snoring and totally messy in the morning, he still thinks you are very beautiful. That’s very hard for us to understand sometimes, but we have to.

5. He Is Proud Of You

He knows your achievements, he knows how hard you try to build your success in your life, doesn’t matter if this success is in your career or something that intimate for you and your lifestyle. He is proud of you and your energy to create a better everyday life for yourself. With moving yourself forwards, you’re moving the relationship forwards, and in the same way, you motivate him to get better.

6. He Sticks Up For You

This is very important. Men don’t love drama and do anything to avoid conflicts as much as possible. But he won’t avoid conflict if it’s you in question. He stands up for you if someone tries to push you down or attack you in any way. He has your back and he is protective over you.

7. He Treats Your Family And Friends With Respect

Your family is like his family, so are your friends. He respects them, he feels comfortable around them, he shows care for you and he properly needs you to take care of them as well. Even though some of your friends or a relative can be a little “off” he still keeps his opinion to himself and tries to be as respectful as possible because he loves you. This is the most important thing that you’ll find in a man that truly loves you.