8 Uses Of Camphor That You May Not Know


Camphor is derived from the cinnamonum camphora tree and it looks like white wax. It can be found in various forms such as tables, oil, dust and blocks. It has been used for centuries as a treatment for various health issues such as stuffy nose, itchy skin, treating minor wounds and burns as well as relieving joint and muscle pain.
Chinese and Indian people believe that camphor has strong healing powers which is also linked to several religious rituals. It is not only a popular tale; camphor actually works when used for treating the following health issues.

1. Treat itchy skin

If your skin can not stop itching, place essential camphor oil. It is known to provide relief for irritated skin with itching. It is absorbed through the pores and gives your skin a cooling sensation.

How to use: Mix one cup of coconut oil and one teaspoon of crushed camphor. You could apply this mixture in the itchy area 1-2 times a day. Coconut oil is another great source of relief for a stubborn itch.

2. Clear Acne

It can work wonders for your skin by tightening its pores and revitalizing them. It also helps to get rid of bacteria buildup (a cause for acne) and acts as an anti-infective agent.

How to use it: make a mixture of tea tree oil and camphor essential oil. Take a cotton bud and dip it into the diluted camphor oil. Apply this to affected skin.

3. Treatment of burns and wounds

It can help heal small burns. It not only relieves pain and irritation from burns or wounds, but regular application also reduces scars.

How to use it: mix two camphor cubes in a cup of coconut oil. Apply the mixture to the affected area. Keep applying it until you see a difference.

4. Does it help with hair problems?

It has good contributions to solve hair loss, treat dandruff and strengthen hair. Some experts claim that camphor massage with coconut oil can help stimulate healthy hair growth.

5. Control the pain

If you are experiencing pain around your joints and muscles, camphor may be the answer you are looking for. One study reveals that the oil creates a warm feeling, resulting in desensitization of the sensory nerves, which relieves you of the pain.

How to use: For cramps, you must heat sesame oil and then mix it with crushed camphor. Massage the ointment into your joints.

6. Treat coughs and colds

Nasal congestion? Stubborn cough? We know that you want to get away. One of the most popular benefits is your potential to clean a congested chest and nose. This is because the oil has a strong odor that releases a congested respiratory tract.

How to use: Mix equal parts of sweet oil and camphor essential oil and rub gently on the chest.

7. To treat toe fungus

Popular anecdotal evidence reveals that people get rid of their finger nail fungus just by rubbing Vicks VapoRub on their toes. It is an active ingredient. Its antibiotic property helps to destroy the fungus and allows your toe to breathe freely again.

8. Getting rid of insects

Do mosquitoes bother you? It is time to let camphor enter your house because it acts as a natural repellent. It has also been traditionally used to get rid of moths. During the process of purifying insects, you will be relieved because it also clears your pathways.