A 2-Ingredient DIY Remedy For Getting Rid Of Brown Spots On Your Skin


Aging is an inevitable part of life which comes with some not so pleasant issues such as age spots. These brown spots usually appear on the skin after sun exposure but they are also very common sign of aging. People over the age of 50 are more prone to getting them.

Causes of brown spots

Brown spots usually appear due to the ultraviolet rays from the sun which increase the melanin production in the skin in order to protect the deeper skin layers. Brown spots appear on the areas that are most exposed to the sun such as the neck, shoulders, arms and face.

Even though they are harmless, if you notice any changes in the spots such as shaped borders, growth or change in color you should consult your doctor immediately. Other alarming signs is redness, bleeding or tenderness of the spots.

What to do about the brown spots?

There is not treatment for brown spots because they are not considered a medical issue. However, not many people love having them which is why they want to remove them.

Prescription medication

The most common method of removing brown spots is the application of bleaching creams which usually take a few months to work. During the treatment with this type of cream you are also required to wear sunscreen all the time because they make your skin more prone do damage due to UV rays.

Medical procedures

Some of the medical procedures used to remove age spots are:
– dermabrasion – it removes the outer skin layers to promote the growth of new skin
– cryosurgery – it freezes the age spots
– laser treatments – they destroy melatonin-producing cells
– chemical peels- they burn the outer skin layer

Home treatment

Instead of spending lots of money on expensive treatments, you can prepare your own age spot treatment with natural ingredients.

Dice a fresh onion and place it in a bag. Crush the onion pieces with a heavy object until they release their juices. Transfer the onion juice in a blender and blend it with ½ cup of apple cider vinegar. Take a cotton ball, dip it in the mixture and then apply it on the age spots. You should do this once a day. In about 2-4 weeks you will notice improvement.

Even though this treatment takes time to work it is very efficient.

Preventing age spots

Prevention is always better no matter how efficient the cure is. Age spots can be prevented by limiting the sun exposure, applying sun screen, maintaining healthy iron levels and removing polyunsaturated fats from your diet.