How To Activate Fat Burning Hormones In Just 3 Steps


Every person wants to be fit and attractive, however losing excess weight is not that simple. Those who have tried losing weight with various diet plans know that these diets don’t always work. If you want to lose weight you must be consistent and change your diet entirely. You should eat more vegetables and fruits as well as foods that are rich in healthy oils, fats and protein. You should have your last meal no later than 7 PM and it is also important to exercise regularly.

Even though these are the main principles when it comes to weight loss, this common problem is sometimes caused by hormonal imbalance. If this is the case with you, you need to learn how food affects the proteins. We have prepared a list of 3 rules that will help you activate your fat-burning hormones in order to lose weight without any side effects.

Step 1

Remove sugar from your diet

Sugar is an ingredient in many foods such as starchy vegetables, processed foods, cookies and even alcohol. Eating foods that are rich in carbs and sugar will give you an instant energy boost, however your body will store this energy as fat instead of using it.

Step 2

Eat more vegetables

Vegetables that are rich in fiber such as beans and greens will promote digestion thus help you lose weight. You can prepare them any way you like or you can eat them raw.


You can get the most of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables by juicing them. To regulate high blood sugar levels, you should juice celery, kale, parsley and spinach. To increase your protein intake, try asparagus, string beans or cauliflower. You can make the juices tastier by adding carrots, beets and apples and you can even substitute a meal with a juice by adding 2 tablespoons of flax seeds.

Consume healthy fats and vegetable protein

If you want to lose weight you should consume more vegetable protein instead of animal protein. Instead of butter consume coconut oil and substitute sunflower oil with olive oil. Consuming more protein will help your body stay full longer and by adding healthy fats you will minimize your food cravings.

Step 3

A tight eating schedule

Having your last meal before 7PM is one of the key factors for weight loss. Also, eating 3 small meals or 2 meals and a salad for dinner will help your body burn more fat. Also, avoid soft drinks and alcohol and drink more herbal teas and lemon water.
You should never skip meals; it is better to have an early dinner or late breakfast rather than not eating anything at all. Try to prepare your meal at home as often as you can, and chew slowly to avoid eating too much.

Step 4

Light weight training

In order to make your weight loss journey successful, you need to exercise too. According to experts, the ideal way of losing weight is being physically active for half an hour every day. This way your body will melt the fat reserves and new muscles will be built.
Start with 10 minutes of cardio and then do light weight training. It is advised to do several sets with few minutes of pause between them. Repeat the exercises until you feel your muscles strain.