Brazilian Artist Uses The Used Tires That People Throw In The Streets To Create Beds For Animals


Being human means being willing to help those who are less fortunate or in need. This does not only involve helping other human beings, but also creatures that are helpless when it comes to certain aspects of survival. One of the people who are so selfless that he dedicated 1 ½ year of his life to help animals is Amarildo Silva.

Amarildo started recycling old tires and turns them into cute and comfortable animal beds. He does not plan to stop doing that yet.

His idea came from his efforts to earn from the trash people threw out. He was a fan of making handcrafts of disposed materials. He did not only up-cycle those materials thus helping the environment, but also earned some money from his hobby.

Amarildo noticed that stray dogs used the old tires to hide and seek comfort. This is why he wanted to make those tires more comfortable for the animals so that they may feel like at home.

So, he started collecting the disposed tires and he brought them in his backyard. He even has a special room in his home just for storing them.

Afterwards, he cuts, washes and paints the tires usually drawing unique designs on each of them. He also writes down the name of the animal who will be using the bed.

Amarildo also has another excellent creative way of reusing old tires which is creating containers for plants.

This artist has creativity; he is doing something good for the environment as well as for all those animals who have nowhere to go. Hopefully his project will raise awareness about the animals and also inspire others to make an effort to do something to save the environment.


Images credit: Amarildo Silva