The Combination Of These 3 Foods Will Cleanse Your Liver and Return Your Vision. Doctors Have No Explanation


Nowadays, it has become very hard to follow a healthy diet and exercise. We are constantly exposed to stress and toxins which on the long run can cause serious health issues such as stroke, diabetes, cancer etc. There are certain things we can do to protect our health such as avoiding alcohol and smoking and exercising more.

We can do numerous things to help us have more energy. We can also use various homemade remedies made of natural ingredients that will supply us with lots of energy. Here, we’re going to show you a wonderful recipe that will clean your liver and improve your vision at the same time!

This mixture is composed of 3 ingredients: beet, carrot and orange. These are their amazing health benefits:

Health Benefits of Orange

Vitamin C, large amounts of fiber, choline and potassium are the main compounds found in oranges which can protect your heart from any cardiovascular problem.

Health Benefits of Carrots

This vegetable contains great amounts of vitamin A which is very important for our vision. This is a vitamin that can convert the light into a signal which is later sent to the brain. If you lack vitamin A, you’ll lack various health problems.

Health Benefits of Beets

They are abundant in antioxidants and nutrients that can detoxify our body. They contain plenty of betaine which can expel all toxins from our liver. Pigments like betalains also support the detoxification. These vegetables can help you boost energy levels, regulate the blood pressure, improve your blood flow and brain function, cleanse the liver etc.


  • 1 beet
  • 4 oranges
  • 2 carrots


All the ingredients should be put in a blender. Mix them well and consume the juice in the morning immediately after you wake up. Your colon will also be cleansed amazingly!