How To Detect Negative Energy At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water Here We Tell You About It


Negative energy can have serious impact on your entire life. It can cause fluctuations in your budget, break relationships with family members and disrupt the harmony in your home. This can make you feel restless, broken and even hopeless about the future. If you notice these thing early you will be able to detect the negative energy that is present in your home.

You can see whether there is negative energy in your home using many techniques, however we are going to explain the simplest of them all which will help you return the harmony in your home.

To see if there are negative energies present in your home follow these steps:

1. Take a clear glass and put salt in it to cover about one third of the glass

2. Fill the glass up with water and place it in the where you feel the bad vibes are strongest

3. After 24 hours take a close look at the glass. If it is exactly the same as it was when you left it, it means there is no negative energy in your home.

4. However, if there are smudges and the glass is changed, it is a clear sign of energy problems.

5. You can do the same procedure with another glass in another room and if there are changes repeat the process until the glass is clear like when you left it.
For more information watch the video below: