These Foods You Think Safe Are Actually Killing You.


Most of the foods we eat is generally considered safe for consumption. However, there are certain foods that can cause more harm than good. The following 5 foods are very harmful for the health, and some of them can even slowly kill us. These are the foods you should avoid as much as you can.

1. Microwave popcorn

Popcorn is almost everyone’s favorite snack. However, microwave popcorn contains dangerous amounts of a chemical called diacetyl as well as sodium which can damage your health. Popcorn is rather healthy food, but according to experts, you should not eat microwaved popcorn too often.

2. Subway sandwiches

Subway has an excellent marketing strategy that has managed to convince people that their sandwiches are fresh. However, the reality is much further than this.
The dough used for making the sandwich bread is loaded with chemicals such as DATEM, sodium stearoyl lactylate, potassium iodate, ascorbic acid and the most important azidocarbonamide. When subjected to high temperatures, azidocarbonamide releases carcinogens and it is even used in the production of foamed plastic. Several years ago, a truck carrying this harmful substance overturned causing the city fire officials to issue the highest hazmat alert and evacuate people from the area around. Talk about freshness.

3. Salt is just as harmful as smoking

Salt can cause the same negative effects on your health as smoking. It makes your body weaker over time thus reduces your lifetime. You should not consume more than a pinch of salt daily.

4. Vegetable pizza

Unlike regular pizza, vegetable pizza is considered a much healthier choice, however this is not true. Many fast-food joints compensate for the lack of meat by adding extra cheese and they even use olives or oil-soaked dry tomatoes to improve the flavor. You should always choose thin crust vegetable pizza that isn’t loaded with cheese, and pay attention to the portion size.

5. Lychee

The death of many children in India that was caused by unhealthy eating habits has become the subject of a 20-year study. This study discovered that the cause of death in these children was Lychee which they were eating on an empty stomach. They also discovered that can cause brain failure, coma and even cancer which is why you should stop eating it immediately.