Get An Instant Relief From Stress With This Acupressure Technique


Acupressure has gained a lot of popularity nowadays because it is a very efficient technique of relieving anxiety and stress. It functions similarly with acupuncture except instead of needles it uses pressure. This technique dates back from ancient China and people have been practicing it for more than 2500 years. This is what makes it an excellent method for improving your health.

Western medicine has adopted this technique and it has even become an integral part of it. Other traditional treatments that were adopted by the Western medicine include dietary therapy, massage and herbal medicine.


Massages are another very efficient method for relieving stress which is actually an improved acupressure technique.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a combination of herbal treatments, meditation and acupressure that works wonders in providing a relief from stress. If you want to learn more about it you can find lots of tutorials online.

Acupressure technique to relieve stress and anxiety

This technique is very similar to the one that helps relieve headaches. You should apply a gentle pressure with your thumb on the area between your eyebrows for 45 second.

Then, move your thumb upwards maintaining the same pressure until you reach the middle of your forehead, then stop and repeat the same procedure again.

Then, push upward maintaining the same pressure. When you reach the mid-point of your forehead, stop, and repeat again. This is really helpful if you want to relieve stress and anxiety.

The second step involves applying pressure with your thumb on the area between the eyebrows where your nose bridge begins. Breathe in and out steadily while maintaining the pressure for 45 seconds. Steady breathing is very important for relieving stress.

CV 17

This technique is about applying pressure on the point shown in the picture below.

Take deep breaths without raising the chest, instead breathe with your stomach.
Apply pressure on the point on the center of your chest plates and you will quickly feel relief from stress.