Headaches And The Truth Behind Them


Headaches are a common health issue that affect millions of people every day. They can be very irritating and sometimes unbearable. Even though everyone gets an occasional headache, they should be never ignored because they could sometimes cause serious problems with your health.

Headaches are your body’s way of telling you there is something wrong.

1. Migraines are the most common type of headache which could progress to severe and unbearable pain.

2. Headaches could also happen as a warning before a stroke or aneurism, or they could indicate that there is internal bleeding or even a brain tumor.

3. “Thunderclap headache” is a type of headache that occurs suddenly and it is unbearable but usually goes away after a minute. If it lasts longer it could indicate internal bleeding in the brain or another serious problem.

4. If you get a headache after doing physical activity, you might be having an aneurism or brain tumor. Other symptoms of these conditions include blurred vision and slurred speech.

5. A headache that comes after a head injury can indicate bread damage or concussion, and you should seek medical attention immediately.