His Gestures Tell A lot About How He Feels About You


Many people nowadays are able to avoid showing their true self by manipulating their gestures. However, it is very easy to decipher the person and their intentions if you have basic knowledge in human behavior. There are certain behaviors that people do unconsciously which can tell a lot about how they truly feel about you.

We are going to explain to you the meaning of certain gestures that show how a man feels about you.

Love is an overwhelming emotion which can sometimes make us blinded. Women are more comfortable talking about their feelings and thoughts. But men rarely use words to express their feelings, instead they show them through their actions. Even if he doesn’t tell you that he loves you, you can find out whether he does by paying attention to the way he acts around you.


A man who loves you will try to find a way to make some kind of contact with you. Even if it is as subtle touch or cradle on the cheek, these details can reveal a lot about how he feels about you. A shy person will never touch you without any reason. He might use an excuse such as removing hair from your cheekbone, but if he is not interested in you he will never touch your face.

He plays with your hair

Another popular expression of a man’s feelings is touching a woman’s hair. He probably wants to see how you are going to respond to his touch if he runs his fingers or lightly plays with your hair. He might even be testing to see if you are interested in order to make the next move, without scaring you.


If he loves, you he will stroke or even grab or hold your hand unexpectedly. You can find out how he feels about you based on the way he holds your hand when you are together. However, if you are not in a relationship and you feel uncomfortable by his gestures, you should always let him know. This is the only way you will know for sure about his intentions with you.


A man who is interested in you will find a way to make physical contact and even sit as close as he can next to you. He might touch the back of your hand, or if you are more comfortable, he might also lightly touch your knee. Some men will say they touched you on accident in order to see how you are going to react. However, if you feel uncomfortable by any of his actions you should immediately tell him to stop.


If he always tends to make eye contact or he tries his best to get your attention he is probably very interested in you. You can tell if he likes you if his pupils are dilated or bigger while he is looking at you. He will also show his interested by smiling or raising his eyebrows while you are talking to him. These two are clear signs that he is interested in what you are talking about.


Men are terrible at expressing their feelings and they rarely say how they feel. But if they are interested in you they will listen closely when you are talking. They show interest in the conversation by leaning closer, maintaining eye contact and occasional nodding.

Calls or messages

Everyone expresses in a different way, and for some texting or a phone call is a very convenient way of contacting someone. Probably because men are often afraid of being rejected, so if they text you or call you it would be easier for them to handle the undesired outcome. However, if you have already met in person and he texts or calls you, it is likely that he wants to stay in touch when you are not together.

So, instead of wondering, next time remember this article and you will have no trouble finding out how he really feels. Spread the love and love him back if he shows these subtle signs.