How to Tell If Your Stomach Acid is Too Weak Using Just a Beet


Besides being extremely nutritious and healthy, beets can also help you determine whether your stomach acid is too strong. The only thing you should do is eat beet and then check the urine color.

Clear urine is a sign of sufficient stomach acid levels. If the urine is pink it indicates weak stomach acid. In order to be able to make vitamin B12 more available as well as to be able to break down proteins more efficiently, your stomach acid should have a pH value of 2. Lack of stomach acids impairs the protein digestion which means the proteins will continue in the small intestine as protein fragments instead of amino acids.

This can cause variety of issues such as leaky gut. Leaky gut is a condition that occurs when gluten particles create holes in the small intestine therefore undigested food components are able to reach into the bloodstream.

Besides increasing the risk of leaky gut, improper absorption of vitamin B12 can cause fatigue. This means that besides having an increased risk of developing gut issues, you will also feel tired all the time.

Fortunately, beets can be very helpful in this situation. They can tell you if there is something wrong with your stomach and what you should do about it.
Your stomach pH levels are too low if your urine turns pink after you eat a beat. Here is what you should do:

1. Drink 2 glasses of water 15-30 minutes before meals

This will protect the stomach from the acid by creating a water jacket. According to Ayurveda the stomach responds by increasing the release of hydrochloric acid if you drink water before meals.

2. Drink a large sip of organic apple cider vinegar

This way you will also reduce the stomach acidity. You should drink 1 tablespoon of ACV per glass of water and drink it before meals.

Additional health benefits of beets

1. Anti-cancer properties

Numerous studies have shown that this vegetable has helped patients with solid tumors to experience remission. They were given a mixture of beet powder and water which helped their tumors shrink. Beets are also very nutritious and they contain lots of potassium, folate, antioxidants and betailing.

2. Top healthy food

Beets are ranked highest on the list of healthy foods according to the Summer Fancy Food Show. The reason for this is their ability to reduce blood pressure, improve digestion as well as boost libido. The best thing about beets is that you can use them in many ways such as grilled, juiced or shredded into salads.

3. Anti-inflammatory properties

Beets contain high amounts of betaine which is a nutrient that provides protection to the enzymes, cells and proteins. This makes beets very efficient in preventing chronic diseases, protecting the internal organs as well as fighting inflammation.

4. Detox support

The pigment in beets promotes the body’s detox process, particularly the phase II of this process when the toxins get attached to other molecules in order to be removed from the body.