We Should All Know These 7 Things About Our Blood Type!


The human blood is divided into four main blood types which can tell a lot about your ancestry, which foods are the best for you and what exercises are most beneficial for your body, mind and soul. The blood types can be either A, B, O or AB where:

– A is for agrarian
– B is for Bavarian
– O is for original hunter
– AB has the best immune system

However, the blood is not classified only in these 4 categories. There are more than 400 subcategories which provide a better insight of your health according to your blood type.

Foods you should eat according to your blood type:

– Blood type A

Mostly vegetarian diet with chicken, fish and yogurt. Avoid eating spicy foods and legumes, as well as coffee and always keep your body hydrated.

– Blood type B

The best foods are dairy, fish, vegetables, grains, mutton and fish. Avoid foods with lots of preservatives and alcohol.

– Blood type O

Consume vegetables, fish and meat but avoid processed foods and dairy products. Fasting is very beneficial for you and you should never over-eat.

– Blood type AB

People with this blood type can easily digest almost any food but it is recommended to eat fresh raw and organic foods and avoid fried foods that deprive you from energy.

Your personality according to your blood type

– Blood type A: organized, efficient, compassionate, leaders
– Blood type B: flexible, friendly, action oriented, meditative
– Blood type O: attentive, empathetic, practical, assertive
– Blood type AB: calm, strong, rational, forward thinking

How different blood types react to stress

– Blood type A: Takes longer to recover from stress because of high susceptibility to high cortisol. Calm down by drinking water.

– Blood type B: Rather calm, however once the limit is reached the cortisol levels become very high. Return to harmony by breathing deeply.

– Blood type O: Likely to burst with anger due to the primordial ancestry. Restores peace by visualizing something peaceful.

– Blood type AB: Only becomes frustrated from the worst and handles stress very well. Release the build-up tension by walking.

Blood type and fat accumulation

– Blood type A: Mostly accumulates fat from sugars and meats
– Blood type B: Gains fat from bread and fried foods
– Blood type O: Gains weight because of irregular eating habits
– Blood type AB: Gains fat by being inactive

Rh factor

Blood types also have different RH factors which can be either positive or negative. Having a positive RH factor means you have the D antigen and having a negative factor means you lack this antigen. The Rh factors can cause various complications during pregnancy such as Hemolytic disease and erythroblastosis fetalis. These conditions occur when the parents have incompatible blood types and Rh factors, usually when the mother is Rh negative and the father is positive.

Luckily, there is a solution for this to avoid further complication which includes giving the mother an injection that distracts her immune system from attacking the fetus.

Blood types and their compatibility

– AB – can receive blood from any blood type, but can donate only to AB
– A receives from either A or O, and donates to A or AB
– B receives from either B or O, and donates to B or AB
– O is a universal blood donor but only receives from blood type O

People who have a O- blood type are universal donors and those who have AB+ are universal recipients.

Plasma compatibility

– AB – receives from AB – donates to any blood group
– A – receives from A or AB – donates to A or O
– B – receives from B or AB – donates to B and O
– O – universal receiver – donates only to O