The Location of Acne Can Reveal Problem with These Organs


Skin issues such as acne, dry skin, flaky skin etc. can affect us at any age. They may persist regardless of the treatment you use, and sometimes not even the most expensive creams work. They are triggered by certain issues with the organs and they can actually be helpful in discovering what is wrong in your body.

This is called face mapping. It’s an old technique used by the ancient medical practitioners to discover a potential problem with some of your organs, and prevent diseases related to them. Over time, this non-invasive method was forgotten, and that’s really unfortunate.

It’s a simple, quick, and safe way to detect a possible health problem, thus preventing it from worsening and progressing into a serious disease. First, let’s discover the possible causes of acne connected with your diet and lifestyle, based on their location.

Causes of Acne Linked to Diet and Lifestyle Based on the Location

  • Acne on your cheeks – bacterial buildup, touching your skin frequently, smoking
  • Acne on your T-zone – poor circulation, drinking too much coffee, excessive alcohol consumption, and stress
  • Acne on your jaw, chin, or neckline – excessive intake of processed sugar, hormone imbalance, Candida infection, or consuming too many starchy foods.

Acne Location Can Reveal Problems with Specific Organs

After learning the possible reasons for your acne breakouts, it’s time to make certain changes to treat, as well as prevent them from appearing once again. However, their location can tell something more. It can help detect a possible health problem related to some of your organs. That’s because certain parts of your face are connected with a specific organ. In other words, if you have skin issue on the upper part of the cheeks, for example, you might also have a problem with your lungs. Here’s how to detect a possible health issue based on the location of your acne.

The Area Between Your Eyebrows – Liver

If you have acne on this part of the face, it could mean you’re overeating meat and smoking or drinking too much. This, in turn, puts extra stress on your liver. Therefore, start eating healthier foods and limit your cigarettes and drinks. Eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise or do some outdoor physical activity, and get enough sleep.

Forehead – Bladder & Small Intestine

This acne location reveals you might be eating too much fatty and processed foods, or foods with low fiber content. Stress and heavy drinking can be other reasons for dehydration, poor digestion, and toxic buildup. Therefore, drink plenty of water, preferably 10 to 12 glasses a day, and avoid junk food and alcohol.

Eyebrows and Eye Area – Kidneys

Dehydration and malnutrition are the 2 most common causes of acne breakout in this part of the face. Other possible causes include smoking, alcohol abuse, weak heart, and poor circulation. Besides drinking lots of water, you should also avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Cheeks – Lungs & Liver

The most common cause of acne on this part of the face is poor dental hygiene. So, to treat and prevent them from reoccurring, brush and floss your teeth regularly, as well as avoid sugary foods and drinks. According to the Chinese medical practitioners, the left cheek is linked to the liver, while the right one linked to the lungs.

Upper Part of Your Cheeks – Lungs

This location of acne could indicate increased air pollution. So, limit your cigarette intake – if you smoke, and go outside only if necessary, at least until your condition improves.

Nose – Heart

Acne on your nose could mean you have a high intake of salt. According to the Chinese medical practitioners, the nose is connected with the heart. Therefore, acne on this part of the face could indicate problems with your blood pressure and heart. They recommend eating more fruits, vegetables, and nuts, as well as avoiding spicy foods, salt, and meat. Also, it’s good to start exercising or doing some other physical activity regularly.

Mouth & Chin – Stomach

If you have acne around your mouth and chin, it’s time to avoid sugary and fatty foods and limit the alcohol intake. These skin areas are related to the stomach. So, you may want to include more fermented foods to your diet.

Jaw and Neck – Hormones

This acne location indicates problems with your hormones. Therefore, start eating healthier foods, and limit your caffeine and salt intake.