Never Trust a Fake Friend Who Does These 6 Things


Fake people are sometimes hard to recognize because they are so good at manipulation they might make you feel like they only wish the best for you. However, being friends with a fake person will take a lot from you without giving anything. You will not benefit from such friendship which is why it is very important to be aware of these 6 signs that indicate a fake friend.

1. An opportunist

Do you have a friend that will promise you to plan you in the next days, confirms the planned date to meet, and cancels you 5 minutes before 12? It means that this person didn’t value the meeting with you because they planned several other things in that day and they canceled you and other things for the best opportunity.

2. Talks about himself

Fake friends are narcissistic. Every second sentence begins with “I” and everything they say is about themselves, their accomplishments if any, and their opinions and so on. It seems like they don’t have anything else to talk about.

3. Leans on you constantly for emotional support

When they have no one else to call, they will call you because you can’t say no to them. They’ve learned that they can waste your time to fill up theirs and they don’t care about you at all, the only thing they care is to make them feel good with themselves later.

4. Gossips about others

This is an instant. Some people invent the gossips themselves in the moment of speaking, just to say anything bad for a certain person. Gossiping is not okay in either way, or talking bad about someone says a lot about the person who leads the conversation.

5. Mocks you and compliment you at the same time

They will wrap a joke with a compliment so they can mock you and hold you in their close circle too. The want you around so they can use you, but still think bad about you. They are very good manipulators and this is a manipulative technique to control you.

6. Makes you choose them over your friends

They are very self-centered and want you only for themselves. They find you as their own servant and you need to be available 100% of your time to fulfill everything they need for nothing and that will also cost you your real friends.