This Oil Is Amazing For The Growth Of Hair, Lashes, Eyebrows


Castor oil is rarely considered a remedy for hair growth, probably because of its thickness which make it hard to handle. However, it is a very cheap and efficient remedy for treating skin and hair issues. Castor oil can also minimize scars, make your lips smoother and strengthen your thin hair.


Get cold pressed castor oil without hexane. Apply on eyebrows after you wash the face before bed. Do this for 90 days and brows will get darker and thick.


Apply this on the head, eyebrows and lashes. This has ricinoleic acid that kills bacteria and fungi and makes new hairs grow again. Also this works on thickness of hairs too and stops hair fall. It has 9 omega fat acids that nourish hair, skin and follicles. Castor goes deep in the pores and makes new follicles healthy. Since castor has gloss, also makes the hair shiny and glossy.


Put 2 drops castor in the hands. Rub them and go over the hair ends but no more than 2 drops, this is really greasy. Subtle shine is ok. Apply this lightly and increase for more hair or longer hair. Also use it on the scalp to make hair grow again. Spread it melt with apricot kernel oil or coconut oil.
Pure castor is amazing for thinning hairline. Apply it on lashes to make them amazingly thick and long and prevent their shedding.


Castor helps in keloid scars and hardened tissues. It goes deep in many skin layers and softens skin and scars. Also castor helps in white blood cells stimulation, reduces inflammation in tissues and speeds healing of wounds and scars.

Another benefit is protection of lips. Lips can regenerate fast but also get dry fast and peel. Use this oil as shine for lips and make them healthy too. Norek Danna, founder of has a line that involves skin care, hair items and body care all natural. She offers lip balm of castor oil for shine and moisture. Her items also have Natural shine enhance shampoo without sulfate. Also Deep hydration conditioner, a form of vitamin C, MSM facial cream and natural deodorants too.