People with Rh-negative blood don’t come from earth – according to a new theory


Brad Steiger, who is a well-known American researcher of paranormal phenomena, claims that people with Rh-negative blood are anything but ordinary. The laws of genetics show that we usually inherit traits from our ancestors, unless there is a mutation.

Man and monkey come from a shared ancestor and their bloods should be compatible. However, primates don’t have Rh-negative blood. Another interesting facts is that most of the people with Rh-negative blood, 30% of them, are Spanish Basques.

The origin of these people still remains a mystery. Among the people in the 30% are also Israeli Jews, Samaritan and Ethiopian black Jews. Their number is less than 1% compared to their nations. Majority of healers and other people with similar mental abilities also have Rh-negative factor.

Human blood is separated in 4 major groups and they are all different from each other in terms of the protein they contain and their ability to fight bacteria in the body. Most people that have these proteins are Rh-positive. However, there are also people who don’t have them. According to scientists, Rh-negative people have appeared only 35,000 years ago. How they did is still a mystery that puzzles scientists. One theory suggests that these people actually have DNA with extraterrestrial origin.

These are the most common traits of people with Rh-negative factor.They have higher IQ

  • Their body temperature is usually lower than average
  • They are very stable mentally and emotionally
  • Their hair is often red
  • They are sensitive to heat and are not comfortable in cold temperatures
  • They usually have green, blue or light brown eyes

Also, cloning people with Rh-negative factor is impossible. The immune system of a pregnant woman with Rh-negative factor will attack the fetus because it thinks of it as a foreign body. This is why these women need special medicines to suppress their immunity during pregnancy.

This phenomenon is still a mystery and scientist are struggling to understand why will a woman’s body perceive her own baby as a stranger. It even contributes to the belief that Rh-negative people have alien origin.