Quiz: This Math Problem Is Breaking The Internet. Can You Figure Out The Right Answer?


Regardless of whether you love or hate math, you must know at least the basic principles of this science. Mathematics is an abstract science of numbers whose basic operations include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In order to move on to an advanced level, you must know these basic operations. Math is a straightforward study where you are either right or wrong.


However, there are many people who can’t properly learn math which can cause frustration.

There is also a condition called mathematical anxiety which happens when a person is looking at numbers and starts feeling anxious.

The photo above shows a rather simple math problem, but many people are unable to properly solve it. It has even challenged experienced mathematicians.

This test was used in a Japanese math study where only 60% of the participants were able to find the right solution.

Take a look at the equation and think about it. Try to find the solution hich you can check in the video below. The video also explains the proper way of solving the equation which can be very helpful if you are confused.