Rubbing This To Your Feet Will Help You Remove Varicose Veins, Corns and Cracked Heels


A lot of people usually suffer from different kinds of issues, most especially with their feet, which include dry skin, corns or callouses, as well as cracked heels or sometimes varicose veins, too. These kinds of problems commonly appear due to improper care, uncomfortable foot wear or shoes, as well as lack of moisture in the skin or even poor diet.

Cracked Heels

A cracked heel has been known as a common foot problem that most of people are suffering from. In most cases, the problem is simply an irritation and it is really unpleasing to look at, nevertheless, when the cracks or fissures become a lot dipper than the usual, standing, and walking or even any pressure that was placed on the heel can be extremely painful.

Any person can actually suffer from this kind of condition, but it usually happens due to different kinds of reason, which includes dry skin, atopic dermatitis, juvenile plantar dermatosis, psoriasis, particularly palmoplantar psoriasis, as well as palmoplantar keratoderma and systemic conditions just like diabetes and hypothyroidism.

Furthermore, pressure on the fat pad under the heel is another reason as to why it expands sideways, which eventually results to the splitting or cracking of the calluses. Some factors that contribute to both of the cracking and splitting include the following: too much weight or also called as obesity, too much standing, particularly on hard floors, as well as open-back shoes and sandals because they provide no support to hold the fat pad under the foot.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are another problem of most of people in the entire world due to its disagreeable looks. They are described as swollen and enlarged veins that commonly happen on both of legs and feet. They may have the color of blue or dark purple, and they are usually unsmooth, bulging or twisted in appearance.

Signs and symptoms of varicose veins include aching or heavy and uncomfortable feeling on the legs, both of feet and ankles are swollen, as well as burning or throbbing sensation in your legs, muscle cramps in legs, especially during the night and even dry, itchy and think skin over the affected areas. These kinds of symptoms are often getting worse during the warm weather or time of the year or if you have been standing up for a long period of time. However, they may actually improve when you walk around more often than the usual of if you simply put your legs at rest and elevate them, as well.

Corns and Calluses

Both of corns and calluses have been described as thick and hardened layers of the skin that commonly develop when your skin is trying to protect itself against friction and pressure. The both of them usually develop on the feet and toes or also on the hands and fingers. These two are sometimes annoying and they are somehow unappealing, too.
If you are already healthy, then you will only be needing treatment for both of corns and calluses if they are making you uncomfortable. On the other hand, for most of people, simply getting rid of the source of the friction or pressure can actually make it a lot easier for both of corns and calluses to naturally disappear.

If you are one of those people who are suffering from diabetes or any other health condition that causes poor circulation of the blood to your feet, then you are at a higher risk of complication from both of corns and calluses. There is a bigger chance that you will need to consult your doctor for some advice on how will you properly care for your corns and calluses if you have such kind of condition.

We will be informing about some of the signs and symptoms that both or corns and calluses have and it includes a thick or a rough part of the skin, a hardened or an elevated bump, a tenderness sensation or pain under your skin and even flaky, dry or waxy skin. Both of pressure and friction from tiresome actions are one of the reasons behind having corns and calluses, which helps them in growing and developing.

However, there are other sources of this pressure and frictions such as the following conditions:

Wearing ill-fitting shoes

Both of tight shoes and high heels can actually compress some of the areas of your feet. On the other hand, when the footwear is too losing, your foot has the tendency to repeatedly slide, as well as to rub against the shoe. Your foot may also rub against a seam or a stitch inside the shoe.

Skipping socks

Wearing both of shoes and sandals without even a sock can actually lead to the friction on the feet. Socks are the one who usually protects the feet from pressure and friction, as well as the one who provides comfort to the feet. Nonetheless, socks that do not fit properly can also become a serious problem.

Playing an instrument or using hand tools

Calluses on your hands may actually lead from the repeated pressure of playing different kinds of instruments, particularly guitar or any string instruments, as well as the usage of hand tools or even simply writing.

Fortunately, we have brought some good news for you. After suffering from all of these skin problems, you will not undergo from any pain anymore. We will be showing you an amazing and effective home and all natural remedy that can has the ability to help you in solving these kinds of problems.

Here is how to prepare it:


  • 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder
  • 10 pieces of aspirin pills
  • 1 cup of medicinal alcohol

Method of Preparation:

All you have to do is to simply transfer the alcohol into an appropriate plastic container. After doing so, add the turmeric in it. Then, smash the aspirin pills until in turns into a powder before adding to the mixture. Lastly, combine all of them thoroughly, over it with a lid and leave the remedy for at least 24 hours.


Rub both of your feet with the use of this effective and amazing remedy every night, on a daily basis. Then, put a cotton cloth over them and cover with a plastic wrap. Do not forget to put your socks on in order to secure it completely. In the morning, remove the coating and rinse your entire feet with the use of lukewarm water. Afterwards, apply some amount of moisturizing cream in it.

You have to repeat this treatment for at least 10 consecutive days in order to notice optimal results. It will eventually treat corns and calluses, as well as cracked skin and varicose veins successfully. Share this with your family and friends to help them out, too.