Scientist Had Revealed What The Shape Of Your Lips Tell About You!


According to scientists and physiognomists, the shape of your lips can tell a lot about your personality. We also express our feelings and thought by talking which also tells about a person’s personality. This is why we have explained how the shape of your lips reflect your personality traits.

1. Large Puffy Lips

If you have this kind of lips, you probably spent a lot of time during your childhood feeding Kittens and stray dogs. You help animals and want to bring them at home. You are strong and have the ability to help others. In any stressful and tough situation, you always think about others and then after yourself. People with these personality traits are the become the best parents.

2. The Upper Lip Is Bigger Than The Lower Lip

People who have this type of lips are emotional, charming and like to draw attention to themselves. They are usually intelligent and have the ability to possess that to others. They love to be attracted. They are sarcastic and talkative.

3. The Lower Lip Is Larger Than The Upper One

These people are not meant to do office work. They know how and when to enjoy. They constantly seek new adventures, impressions, associates and places to visit. They are always open to anything new and they are great at leading other people too on their journey to adventures.

4. Ordinary Lips

People with these style of lips have balanced mind and great common-sense to solve different problems. They are great listeners. They mess with feedback and approach other’s feelings in a positive attitude. They are sarcastic but also have a good humor sense. They laugh, talk and engage with other people.

5. Thin Lips

These people don’t like to engage with other people. They are self-dependent and can easily solve any problem. If you are a guy with these lips style then definitely you don’t need any partner to hang out, chill and holidays. You feel perfect when you are at home alone. You respect people and value their actions.

6. Sharp Philtrum Upper Lip

People with this type of lips are creative and they have a potential of becoming artists or good musicians. They have strong memory and can remember faces and things for a long time.They are talkative and maintain contacts with other people. They are socially active and achieve success in their works.

7. Rounded Philtrum Upper Lip

These people are usually sensitive, kind and compassionate. They always help people who are in tough situation and they have good decision-making power. They are also known to go around the world.

8. Upper Lip Without A Philtrum

These people are the most dependable and solid on the planet. “Complete it regardless of the possibility that it harms” is their witticism. The word “impossible” is not in their dictionary and they never stress about work deadlines. They always do everything on time. Their friends and family and companions realize that they can be depended upon in any circumstance. They’re they sort of individuals who basically turn up and take care of each remarkable issue in one go.

9. Small Puffy Lips

People with lips like this are regularly teasing and underhanded. Their principle need in life is their own sentiments of solace. If they don’t care for themselves, at that point, nobody will further take care of them. The first impression of these people makes them seem egoistic, buy once you get to know them better you realize that is not true. They are very sympathetic and always prepared to help others. On account of this directing guideline, things regularly work out well for them.

10. Thin Upper Lip

These people are great leaders because they can easily convince other people into doing something. They can solve their own problems by themselves and they also help others do that too. They never go beyond their limits. They gain 100% success in every work but they find difficulty in relationships. But the main goal of life to be someone not be with someone.