Scientists Concluded That the Soul Does NOT Die – It Goes Back to the Universe!


We like to think that our consciousness is a part of something much bigger and that when our body dies our soul goes back to the universe and keeps on living. According to two physicists, dr. Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose, our soul is maintained in the brain’s cells’ micro-tubules. Both of the physicists call this process “Orchestrated Objective Reduction” or “Orch-OR”. They explain that when a person is clinically dead, the microtubules in this person’s brain begin losing their quantum state.

However, the microtubules can still keep the information that is contained in them.

In addition, this theory has recently been outlined on Through the Wormhole, the Science Channel’s ongoing documentary show. In this documentary show, Dr. Hameroff explains that in case the blood stops flowing and the heart stops beating; then the micro-tubules could lose their quantum state. It is important to understand that the quantum information in the micro-tubules cannot be destroyed, and it dissipates and distributes to the universe at large.

In case the patient is resuscitated, revived, then this quantum information could go back into the micro-tubules and they say that they had a near-death experience. However, in case the patient isn’t revived, and they die, then this quantum information may exist indefinitely outside the body, as a soul.

According to Dr. Hameroff, the human soul is much more than mere neuron “interaction” in the brain. What’s more, this theory also suggests that these “souls” may have existed since the beginning of time itself. Plus, with all of the recent findings pertaining to dark matter and dark energy, i.e., substances that human beings are not able to interact with or see, but substances that we know exist, this theory may end up explaining things, which are even more fascinating and mysterious.