Scientists Find the Appendix is NEEDED for THIS


No one thinks a lot about their appendix unless there is a reason for its removal. This tube-shapes sac is attached to the large intestine. Until now this organ was considered a remnant of our revolutionary past. Many scientists believed that the appendix used to help people in digesting tree bark. Now, because tree bark is no longer a part of the human diet, the appendix is believed to have no use anymore.

A recent research from the Duke University Medical Center has proven the opposite of the common belief that we don’t need the appendix.

The findings

Researches believe that the appendix can produce probiotic in the digestive system which are essential for proper food digestion. These bacteria are destroyed by diseases which is when the appendix works as a reserve.

Conventional medicine believed that the appendix is a useless organ, but recent evidence has shown its important role in the immune system development. Another research has shown that the appendix contains reserves of beneficial gut bacteria.

It was also proven that people who had their appendix removed are 4 times more likely to suffer from irritation of the large intestine. This condition is known as Clostidium difficile colitis and it occurs when there is not enough gut flora.

Even though it also carries the risk of appendicitis. This condition is an inflammation of the appendix which causes severe pain in the lower right side of the abdomen. The pain can become worse when walking, coughing or pressing the area.

The most common symptoms of appendicitis are:

  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • appetite loss
  • sickness
  • flushed face
  • high temperature

The only way of treating appendicitis is surgical removal because this condition can cause severe complications that can lead to death.