Tangerine Peel An Incredible Source Of Strength, 7 Problems You Can Cure With It


Tangerine is a fruit from the citrus family which is loaded with vitamins and other nutrients. This fruit is a great choice for a snack during the entire day. The tangerine peel contains essential oils used by the perfume industry as well as the skin care industry. However, not many people know about the many advantages of using the tangerine peel.

Majority of people throw away the tangerine peels without knowing the amazing benefits it can provide.

Health benefits of tangerine peel

Tangerine peel contains ingredients that can regulate blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels as well as the liver function. Studies have even shown that it can maintain the health of the digestive system by improving the digestion of fatty foods.

Here are a few health issues that can be treated with tangerine peel:


Add two tablespoons of tangerine peel to a glass of boiled water, let stand for an hour and then drink it. You can take it three times a day and you can eliminate bronchitis quickly and naturally.


You should leave the husks dry and in small pieces, in a glass of hot water add only two tablespoons of the husk and leave it to stand in a cool place for a week, after this time cover and take only 20 drops of the liquid dissolved in a glass with water and take it before each meal three times a day.


In a bowl with small opening place several fresh peels, add boiling water. The important thing here is to breathe the vapor that emerges from the container for at least 10 minutes.


Dried tangerine peel works best for treating digestive problems. Try to include it to your meals as often as you can and it will reduce flatulence and prevent stomach pain.


This is very simple; you should rub the affected area with the peel twice a day for a week.


Place several tangerine peels in a small bag and hold them close to you, breathe the aroma that emanates from them for 15 minutes. You can relieve mild headaches with the same technique.


In three liters of water add a glass of fresh mandarin peel, bring to a boil and then let stand for one hour. Strain the substance and use it to give a warm bath throughout your body. We recommend doing this bath every other day.