Tell Me How You Close Your Fist and I’ll Reveal Your Hidden Personality…


The body language can reveal a lot about a person. It can also influence how you communicate with others, how you relate to the people around you and how you deal with life. One of the body language signs is the way you close your fists. This is a very natural action which was not learned in the past, you simply do it without thinking about it too much. The way you place your fingers when you close your fists can show a lot of your personality traits and you character.

Body language: Close your hand

1. Fingers over thumb

If all of your fingers are over the thumb you are a creative and intelligent person. You have the ability to inspire many people with your sensitivity, talent and expressiveness.
You are a calm and kind person; you would always remain silent in order to avoid hurting someone with your words. You are very sociable person; however, you have a few friends that you are really close to.
You hate drama in your relationship, and you want to keep things relaxed and quiet as much as you can. If you are not comfortable in the relationship you will walk away without much explanation just to avoid hurting your partner.

2. Thumb over the fingers

People consider you a very friendly person because of your charisma. You are an intelligent, kind and generous person and your self-esteem makes you very attractive. You treat people according to the situation and you are very flexible.
Fear can sometimes paralyze you and make you unable to do anything. You are particularly afraid of getting hurt because. Even though you have high expectations, you rarely take a risk on anything. You are happiest when your loved ones show how they feel about you and when they make you feel appreciated.
It is very hard for you to let go of the past especially the painful experiences which prevent you from opening your heart to someone new. This makes you look uninterested and distant, but it is only a mask that you use to protect yourself from being hurt again.

3. Thumb over a finger

Your main characteristics are imagination and intuition. People appreciate your generosity, enthusiasm, and curiosity. You also have a great sense of humor that everyone enjoys which is why you are always surrounded with people.
You are very honest and always say what you really mean. You are confident, kind and noble, and people often try to take advantage of you because of these characteristics. However, you rarely allow them to do so because you pay close attention to what is going on around you and you know when someone is around you only out of interest.
You have trouble showing your feelings in a relationship and you appear reserved and distant even though love is a very important part of your life.