The First Thing You See In this Picture Is Your Subconscious Fear


Do you really know what you are afraid of? Look at this picture and the first thing you see. Read the explanation below.

1. The caterpillar

If the caterpillar is the first thing you noticed, you probably have phasmophobia. Phasmophobia is the fear of evil spirits. You are often scared of being haunted by ghosts when you are the most vulnerable, particularly when you are feeling confused or while you are falling asleep.

2. The apple

Noticing the apple first means you have a subconscious fear of death. However, not your own death, but the death of your loved ones. This fear could be caused by losing someone close to you, which can be a very traumatizing experience that can result in this phobia. This fear causes you to feel very uncomfortable of the thought of losing someone you love.

3. The butterfly

You have a subconscious fear of betrayal, probably because you have already been hurt or betrayed too many times. This could also be caused by being rejected especially if it is for something you are passionate about like your dream job. However, you have no trouble hiding this weakness, but only until you are forced to face it.