The Flour that Causes Tumors in the Kidneys and Thyroid


The standard American diet is the cause of the majority of chronic diseases and premature deaths. Most of the foods we eat every day, including white flour, are slowly killing us.
The Federal District Court of Missouri proclaimed bleached white flour inadequate for human consumption more than a century ago. However, the enforcement of this law was halted by the political influence of flour millers which is why the FDA never made notice of violation. Nowadays, the flour we consume is made from wheat that is treated with fungicides, insecticides and pesticides and it is also bleached using up to 60 chemicals that were approved.

5 shocking secrets about white flour

1. Bleached flour contains no nutrients

During the manufacturing process, the wheat loses even 70% of the vitamins and minerals it contains as well as 97% of the fiber. This process removes all of the vitamin E, 50% of the calcium and even 70% of the iron, magnesium and B vitamins from the wheat.

2. Added potassium bromate

The next process involves bleaching, preserving and enhancing the flour with chlorine dioxide. Then, to make the flour more appealing, it is whitened with alum, chalk and ammonium carbonate. In the final stage, potassium bromate is added which, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, is considered a carcinogen.

3. White flour is a natural insecticide

White flour also works as an insecticide. If a bug gets inside a bag of white flour and it starts eating it, it will surely die. White flour will kill any insect that eats it.

4. Contains L-cysteine

This non-essential amino acid is a common ingredient of baked goods that accelerates the industrial processing. L-cysteine can be found in most fast food bunds, pastries, pizza doughs, cookies and pastas. This amino acid can be found in human hair, duck feathers, chicken feathers, cow horns and petroleum byproducts. Most of the L-cysteine originates from China that has a poor history of food regulation.

5. Alloxan – a diabetes causing contaminant

Alloxan is a compound that is used to make the flour appear fresh and clean. Scientists have already proven that this compound has adverse effects on the pancreas because it destroys its beta cells. It is also known as a powerful beta-cell toxin. The negative effects of alloxan can be reduced by taking vitamin E.