This Common Hobby Can Kill You! Stop Doing It Immediately!


Tanned skin has become very popular nowadays. Not everyone has the time to spend hours in the sun in order to get the desired tan which is why more and more women visit beauty salons. Tanning beds give you the perfect bronze look without any effort.

It turns out 30 million Americans use them each year, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Shockingly, 2.3 million of these users are teenagers! As mentioned, there are risks involved as tanning beds are linked to over 400,000 skin cancer cases each year! Here is a tanner that has a story you will want to hear, as her experience ended up costing her big time.

Like many young people, Trenner starting visiting tanning beds when she was just a teenager to darken her skin tone. As she became an adult, she thought of tanning as a way to help her keep her youthful glow.

Now, at the age of 40, Trenner is suffering from terminal metastatic melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Tanning is often marketed to young women as harmless, innocent fun with a little focus on the potentially deadly consequences. “I used to say I don’t care if I die from tanning as long as I die tan,” says Trenner. “I don’t think that anymore.” Despite multiple rounds of treatment, Trenner’s tumors are now too numerous to count. She has made the decision to stop further treatment but is still fighting to make others aware of the dangers of tanning and tanning beds in the hopes they will avoid the same fate.

Although she is in constant severe pain and likely only has weeks to live, Trenner has found a positive in her situation. Her illness has given her the opportunity to mend her relationship with her parents.