Tired of Dieting, I Never Thought I Would Lose 14 kg in 21 Days Just By Drinking This Drink


The human body is a machine that works all the time which is why it requires maintenance and improvement. The proper function of this machine can be achieved with the consumption of various essential nutrients.

However, sometimes we exaggerate and it is when small mishaps occur that translate into ailments or problems caused by the change of weight, making the perfect machine is not so much and little by little requires other nutrients and activities to keep on working.
That is why today we bring a very useful and simple remedy that will help the perfect body that you know you have, return to its natural functioning. However, that also requires patience and a change in lifestyle, this is just one small step that will make things easier for you.


  • a spoonful of grated ginger
  • a shelled cucumber and sliced
  • a couple of lemons
  • Mint leaves
  • Mineral water


With this recipe, we will help you to lose weight, but remember that it is only the beginning. Let the water boil in a pot until the boiling point, when it arrives, add the mint leaves and put out the fire. Let stand for a couple of minutes and store in another container. At the same time, we will combine the lemon juice we have extracted and we will add the cucumber and ginger slices. We will also add a few pieces of lemon peel. We will mix the two preparations and freeze.

Ideally take a glass daily for a week, then increase to two next week. The idea is to end up drinking 3 glasses a day at the end of the month. This drink will help detoxify and will use the accumulated fat of your body to convert it into energy.