Your Lip Color Can Tell If You Have Serious Health Issues


For most people, a beautiful person is someone with symmetrical eyes, lips, ears and nose. The eyes and lips are usually the first two things we notice in someone. However, the lips can also reveal if there is something wrong with your health. You can find out by paying attention to the color of your lips. We have explained below the meaning of different lip colors.

1. Bright red

If your lips are bright red, it could indicate issues with the liver. This color tells you that the liver is overworked and you should make changes in your diet by consuming more bitter melon, celery and chrysanthemum tea. In order to prevent damaging the liver further, make sure you are in bed before 11 PM and try to reduce the stress levels.

2. Purple-green

If the shade of your lips ranges from purple to green even when the weather is not cold, it could be a sign of heart problems or problems with the respiratory systems. Don’t do anything until you consult a doctor to determine if there is something you should be worried about.

3. Pale pink, white or grey

These three colors are very common in people who are hospitalized. They indicate anemia and lack of hemoglobin as well as that you are cold or you need more blood. In order to treat this issue you should eat more foods with iron and vitamin C such as broccoli, red dates and red meats.

4. Purple-black outline

This unusual outline indicates an imbalance in the Yin and Yang in your body. You probably feel cold and hot at the same time. During your menstrual cycle you should avoid foods such as eggs, mushrooms, crab, duck, orange, banana, spicy foods and green tea.

5. Dark red-black

A common sign of issues with the digestive tract or that you are eating too much processed and unhealthy foods. Cleanse your body by eating healthy and nutritious foods such as tofu, sweet potato, congee and drink lemon water.

6. Natural rosy pink

This lip color indicates that probably there is nothing about your health that you should be worried about. If you don’t have this lip color, try some of the tips we mentioned above and see if the color changes.

If your unusual lip color still remains even after doing dietary and lifestyle changes, you should consult a doctor.